A word or two about the functions:
The tow truck is half IR and half control’d by switches as seen in the pictures above. The IR functions are:
– Drive (back/forward, steering)
Axle 1 and 2 are steered
Axle 3 and 4 are driven
– Crane (all components)

Manually we have a motorized compressor witch powers the stabilizers and the yoke. A switch for general lights and one for the warning lights, then there’s a fourth switch for the wheel lift.

Non motorized are opening doors and hood, and full solid axle suspension on all of the axles.

– 70 cm long
– 16 cm wide
– 22 cm tall (boom down)
– 79 cm tall (boom up)
– 5.5 kg of lego
– 2 XL motors
– 7 M motors
– 4 PF lights
– 5 [url=”″]Light bulbs[/url]
– Almost 8 meters of electrical wire
– 1 compressor pump (new style)
– 3 pneumatic switches
– 7 pneumatic cylinders

Detailed interior:

Suspension on all axles:


Powerful crane:

Control’s (non IR):

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