Mini Unimog

It took me 17 months to build this moc. Wonder why? Well it is inspired by the 8110 Lego Technic Unimog released in 2011 and I’ve had set myself a challenge to build an Unimog half the size of 8110 but still remaining all of the functions. The final model even has a couple more.

This model features:
-Front pto
-Front ppto
-Rear pto
-Rear ppto
-Switch front/rear pto
-Switch front/rear ppto
-Manual pneumatic pump
-Tilting bed
-Tilting cabin
-Lock for cabin tilt
-Opening doors
-Portal axles
-Full sollid axle suspension
-3 cylinder inline engine

The equipment features:
-Operating lower boom
-Operating upper boom

3 thoughts on “Mini Unimog

  1. wow this looks amazing 🙂 great job, i have the 8110 on order and cant wait to build it, but yours shows great talent. the wheels remind me of those on the original technic car chassis, is it the same? great work!

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